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About Us

Whirlyvent is an Australian domestic ventilation organisation that specialises in ventilation and helps to provide a healthy living environment for homes in Australia. Our vision is to provide a healthy living environment that improves the health and longevity of both the homeowner and the home.

Our Mission

  1. To Create healthy living environments in the home.
  2. To source the best products in our field and provide them to the domestic market.
  3. To provide the best possible customer service.

We are dedicated to our customers, and believe our customer always should come first.

What we do

Whirlyvent is the ultimate ventilation system for the home. Whirlyvent removes heat from the roof space, the roof space in most instances is where approximately 80% of heat enters the home, even with good ceiling insulation.

Whirlyvent is the best solution for removing moisture from the roof space. Moisture in the roof cavity can cause condensation, damp, and this can lead to mould.

A Whirlyvent system installed on your roof will aid in the prevention of pests in your roof cavity. Mice, Rats, cockroaches, etc, all prefer stagnate areas to nest, creating powerful air circulation in the roof cavity will discourage pests from nesting.

Whirlyvent provides the best quality components and equipment so once installed the product can be set and you can forget that its even there, while enjoying the benefits.

Whirlyvent offers:

  • Over 15 years experience in home ventilation
  • The best product available in Australia and New Zealand
  • The longest warrantee in Australia and New Zealand
  • Completive pricing and service

5 Reasons to call Whirlyvent:

  • All work guaranteed
  • Experts in our field
  • Roof ventilation solved
  • No problem too big or small
  • Licensed and fully insured

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